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11th October 2016

9:13pm: How goes the new season?
Here in the UK I swear we are behind where we normally are in picking up the new shows, but maybe that's my imagination as some shows come to an end.

Dark Matter continues to consume my fandom brain with an ongoing fic and general love, with that same slight twitch when the creator says no character is safe. I enjoyed the whole season, but really fell in love with the political machinations of the last few episodes - way to hit my buttons! I was interested to read a few comments on reddit that people thought the penultimate episode should have been the cliffhanger, and I do see where they're coming from. The more traditional cliffhanger of the finale would have been a very interesting end to the first episode of season 3!

A bit like Librarians I enjoyed the first season but didn't pay that much attention to the details/breadcrumbs being dropped so have gone back and started watching it again. Doing so I have come to the conclusion:

1) Yes, I really didn't like One.
2) Yes, Three really was annoying, but, oh, now we know what's in the vault how much more interesting his obsession with it is. And when did adding a beard make a character the 'good' version?? And how did they manage to turn him into the teddy bear with a core of darkness that I know and love now??
3) Although I think the explanation for how they lost their memories makes sense, and it was good to get rid of they mystery, I still think my many more outlandish thoughts (mostly involving conspiracies and alternative dimensions) would have been fun.

Killjoys was more J's thing but I want to mention it here mostly to acknowledge Aaron Ashmore in a military coat. I can say no more.

Am loving Private Eyes with Jason Priestley, which is nicely filing my Castle hole. Nice banter, good mysteries and that all important super intelligent, nice daughter. What's not to love? Plus it's nice to have a different city scape with it being based in Toronto.

I don't know if it's available outside of the UK, but Sky are giving us rom com archaeological adventure in the form of Hooten and the Lady. I don't think it's quite as sassy or funny as it thinks it is, but it passes a very pleasant hour, and I think there is definitely room for development.

So we await the news from across the Atlantic. Returning for me is Madam Secretary, Librarians, NCIS and NCIS New Orleans (not happy about the news re ZM's character). I'm also hoping someone somewhere will be picking up Conviction, Bull and Designated Survivor, which all look good from their trailers. But then I am still waiting on the UK to have the sense to buy in Galavant, and to show the remaining 3 seasons of The Listener (not helped by my current Anthony Lemke love) - come on people, I will pay good money for that last one!

Hope fandom is treating you well, wherever you are!

3rd September 2016

7:56pm: Random drive by post...

In my usual way I had planned to drop in ages ago, but brain went on vacation with the rest of me (though for more than the week in Sweden). So to summarise:

* I am back to my original job after my secondment ended and I strangely didn't want to do the poison chalice of a job that apparently they wrote just for me. I don't think they are pleased, but what the hell. I am thinking of doing an MPhil around autism part time.

*Can't remember where I got to in the film reviews. Secret Life of Pets was snot inducing funny, loved Now You See Me 2 (how did I not know of the prettiness that is Jay Chou??) and didn't mind ST:Beyond - a very slow build up for quite a good pay off. Will enjoy it on DVD I think and of course my Kirk/Sulu loves corrects the assumption that only Kirk watches Sulu meeting his family because he misses his, where of course Kirk watches it wishing he had told Sulu how he felt when he had a chance. Plus the John Cho/Chris Pine cuddling and kissing fun has so got me through some crap days!

* TV is quiet, but that's good as my mind is completely occupied by Dark Matter, and especially Android and Three - one butt slap and I was off! Even with that, the changes to the cast in the first episode has changed the show from one I enjoyed to being my highlight of the week with a change of energy for me. Fic has been written and has been keeping me up until late...I'm having flashbacks to my Enterprise days! However, I still am a little nervous with the particular show runner in charge and can only hope the fact that TH is recurring is a good sign.

Hope all is well your way.


28th July 2016

9:04pm: Just come in to the news about Jerry Doyle. The angry, sassy, sadness of JMS here kinda sums it up - http://www.epictimes.com/07/28/2016/j-michael-straczynskis-statement-death-jerry-doyle/

I love Garibaldi. He is still my ultimate character, allowed to have a true story and although I know logically the chances of more B5 and Garibaldi was very low I think part of me lived in hope. Plus JD and Claudia Christian will always be in my head Commander Vimes and Lady Sybil in 'Guards, Guards!' - I think in some universe Garibaldi and Vimes were related!

You know as you get older that actors you watched are going to pass, but I think this is getting out of control now 2016.

12th July 2016

8:34pm: I was going to come on and discuss many meta thoughts on the gay Sulu kerfuffle. It would have been sensible, serious fandomy thoughts.

And then I saw the picture of Chris Pine kissing John Cho at the ST:Beyond premiere in the UK and...




I am no good for anyone right now.

I will be back once coherence returns.


20th June 2016

8:27pm: If you need cheering up...
Check out the Secret Life of Pets. I have not laughed this much at a movie for so long. Which may just confirm I have the sense of humour of a 5 yeat old. Or that animated animals, including a psychotic white rabbit, are just what you need in these dark days. :D

Trailer here if you have missed the fuss...


14th May 2016

11:55am: Cancellations
Just found out that Castle is confirmed as cancelled. I am so relieved. Yes, I don't love the show like I once did but the negative kerfuffle around all of this was even affecting my desire to look at earlier seasons. Hopefully I can forget about it all now! Interestingly I have read a couple of articles that claims it was the social media backlash over the sacking of SK and TJ that made the decision to cancel rather than push for syndication number of episodes. Maybe someone is paying attention that some of us love the female characters too?!

Sad to see that Galavant is not returning, but no surprise there. I'm just happy that I've managed to see it all and roar with laughter as it's still not on the TV in the UK! Sadder to see that Agent Carter is not returning - it was the one bit of the Marvel universe that I loved. And how can you not love a series with Bernard the Flamingo in it?!

Will return with thoughts on books. I expect.

27th April 2016

9:28pm: Remember when fandom was nice?
Or perhaps I lucked out with Enterprise, and the fabulously moderated Linguistics Database, as my first online fandom. But I can't face going on Tumblr at the moment what with the Castle s9 or not fall out, the Grimm factions and general crabbiness. Twitter just seems full of angry people, with occasional humour - thank you Muppets! - and I just wonder where perspective and engaging with people went.

PS Didn't see 1st season of Twelve Monkeys, but am randomly watching the S2 opener playing the 'OMG it's so and so!' Gotta love playing actor/character bingo. Sad to say I can't do it with most British shows. :P

29th December 2015

5:04pm: Why yes, it is still December - yay!
Yay because that means I am still on leave and yay because I have actually made it here in time for festive good wishing - just. :D

As seems to be the pattern in recent years I have much to say and little time or emotional energy to do so.

I have things I want to say about Grimm and some of the discussion around certain relationships, and the issue of motivation in view of a character's actions by fans.

I have things to say about the end of Haven, which is killing me slowly.

I have things to say about why Librarians is currently eating my brain which I am assuming is just my usual attraction to cute characters and minority ships. As well as that I love Jenkins. And how did my WIP for this series end up getting so complicated - time, destiny, save the world etc etc. And by that to say yes I have been writing now the yuletide season has given me time to do so. But I can't seem to bring myself to finish WIPS on the lost USB stick. And even I think that is stubborn on my part. I need to make a list of stories I want to finish and just get on with it!

I have done SW7 - I had very low expectations after the prequels but I did enjoy it. The first scene of the X Wings coming in - loved it! All the characters worked, loved the visual spread of gender and race, and I only did minimal eye rolling at some of the plot elements.

Just don't get me started on the Star Trek Beyond trailer.

And on that thought I will return to being positive and wish you all a good remainder of the festive season, a healthy, prosperous and mildly challenging new year, and all that you could wish for in your fandom stocking. *hugs*

5th July 2015

5:32pm: There be space opera in that there schedule!
So Dark Matters has arrived in the UK - I want to be really excited but I can't decide if they are about to be really clichéd or really clever. I feel the Farscape/Firefly vibe but I'm not certain. Or I'm just frightened of being disappointed. :P

However, I have not been disappointed by Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series - I've had the first one sitting on my pile to be read for ages, finally fancied it last week and have devoured it. Proper military SF, with positive characters but challenges as well, with a healthy dose of humour. Love it!

Back in the TV world, my crack of the moment is Madam Secretary. Started watching it as we're suckers for American political drama with healthy dose of comic liners only to discover the conspiracy arc and become completely hooked. I adore the lead relationship between McCord and her husband - I swear if they do a Borgen to me I will NOT be able to handle it. They are just so adorable. And I suppose it helps that it's kinda how I see my older Beckett/Ryan. :D Plus Tim Daly...very age appropriate crush...

Speaking of Castle, Season 7 has finally arrived. I'm a bit 'meh' at the moment but I don't know if that's because I am moving on fandom wise, or whether the show isn't at its peak. Still everyone is still very pretty so I hold out hope.

What else have we had...ooh Grimm! I kinda predicted the ending of a certain character...where could they take them after all that had happened...but am quite excited by the very end return of a season 4 character...

As for real life, I have a new job...kind of. I am doing a secondment with the authority to sort out the mess that is the new legislation and the college sector. I am not completely certain about it, but I do seem to be feeling a bit better with something to get my teeth into. I am currently doing both jobs, and not saying how easy it is to management who are worried. No point in telling them everything. :D And I am a bit nervous about not having client contact, when it has been the thing that has kept me going at times. But at least this way I can go back to it if I miss it too much next year.

And I write all of this without mentioning the fact we are just back from holiday to Florida. I still bounce over the fact I finally got to Kennedy Space Centre. The Atlantis exhibit is amazing, suitably inspiring, and I was just so happy it all lived up to my expectations. Also did Universal and things like the Dali museum in St Petersburg. All feels like a long time ago already. Will get some photos up if I can get photobucket to behave at some point.

Hope all okay with you all!

10th May 2015

12:18pm: Calling Sheppard/Heightmeyer fans...
If you're still interested I have posted the rest of By Hook or By Crook, my Atlantis serial killer story, at AO3, including bonus new chapter. I will finish the story, if not the series!

Fancy some Atlantis nostalgia?

22nd March 2015

6:02pm: *brushes cobwebs off and waves through the dust*
I've been meaning to post since Xmas, if nothing else to do my solstice greetings. But brain capacity and pretty took me elsewhere.

Have managed some writing, just when I thought the creative juices had completely dried up. Xmas and threats of snow seemed to appeal to Beckett and Ryan so got a few done and posted at AO3. Also got hijacked after catching The Gift by my Sheppard and Heightmeyer muses and made more progress on the now very old serial killer story. But this does now mean we are passed the argument that seemed to be holding the muses back so who knows - the story may finally be told, though I don't think I will ever finish the series of stories from this - attention span has gone I'm afraid. Have been doodling with some Death in Paradise stories as well, but can't quite get the voices going - it's perfect in my head but isn't coming out right. Has anyone made any progress with the USB portal for the head yet??

I think the biggest thing about the writing was that it was just nice to get consumed by it again. The fingers were itching, the time flew...when the creative juice feels like it has disappeared completely from your life, that high of completion and engagement was very addictive.

However, writing engagement seems to now have given way to reading engagement and I am back in a devouring books mood. Have been particularly excited by the arrival of 'Prudence' by gailcarriger, the first of the sequels to the Parasol Protectorate series. Love her humour, sense of story and romance and was very frustrated on the day of purchase to have to wait until the evening to read it - apparently buying a waited for book doesn't mean I can't work in the afternoon. Not sure where the bosses are coming from. Have also caught up on her Finishing School series, a YA prequel to the PP series, which is great for an arc hussy like me seeing characters start and portents, but with that lighter touch perhaps more common to YA. Speaking of YA have also devoured both books in the Wells and Wong Mystery series by Robin Stevens - 30s boarding school mystery of my childhood updated with modern sensibilities about sexuality and racism. Great page turners, with good mysteries to boot. Donna Leon's 'The Jewels of Paradise' has also made it off the to be read pile finally. I had bought it last year, and tried to start it a couple of times, but found the main protagonist hard to warm to. This time the historical detail and mystery kept me there for an interesting, if vaguely unsatisfying book. It felt much more like a method for telling readers some history - not that I am complaining but not maybe the mystery they advertised.

In TV life am wandering through the final return of some old favourites, plus some newbies. NCIS New Orleans hasn't engaged me as much as I had hoped, and I feel I am very much there at the moment just for SB and ZM. Otherwise loving the Grimm arc, adoring Forever, and being utterly entertained by the ludicrousness of Scorpion, as well as the Toby/Happy romance. My only real frustration is that Castle S7 STILL isn't on in the UK and I seem to be missing a lot of pretty, and not to mention Linda Park and Rosalind Chao in one episode! Just keeping my toys in the pram over that one.

Real life is much as I last reported. Work continues to be vampiric of my will power and emotional energy. I also seemed to have turned into a ranter, admittedly with fellow ranters, a symptom I am sure of the powerlessness and frustration at all the cuts to services we are facing. It buys the coffee, books and holidays, and I try to hold my own in it. Other job applications haven't gone anywhere yet. The only light at the moment is that I volunteered to get involved in a digital services working party and the first meeting was really energising with creative ideas and people with similar frustrations. Not sure how much I will be able to get involved considering caseload, but it was nice to finally find something in the authority to excite me!

Have had a quick fly through the friends page - hope all are upright and fandoms are treating you well.

2nd November 2014

12:44pm: Famine to feast in one fail swoop
So we reach the time of year where I swear if I had the courage I would put down as evidence for a logistics job as I juggle the Sky+ recording schedule. :P

I am still struggling to find something I feel passionate about - perhaps it will only be space opera to reignite the spark - but plenty to pass an hour.

Haven - has picked up later in the season. Far too much whining early on - I don't think I was meant to root for Mara to shoot Nathan. But have been impressed by ER's ability to slip between versions of her character. And have been disturbed by Duke's new hair. No. Just no.

Sleepy Hollow - I keep thinking I'm going to give up and then something interesting happens to Jenny, or Ichabod says something entertaining and I'm there again. I think I will hang in there, but I have to be in the mood.

Gotham - tried this as I thought it might be another chance for me to engage with the superhero obsession without the silly costumes. I like it more than I thought I would, but I am not patient with shows with 'one beacon of light' line on characters. People need to show some potential for redemption or I think I will wander away - you have to have hope, if you ask me. And I can't just be entertained by SP as Alfred.

Agents of Shield - watch this with one eye mostly for Ming Na Wen, and in fascination with Adrian Pasdar's appalling moustache.

Dr Who - nope, he isn't for me. Too seventies. Feel more sorry for J who was looking forward to Classic Who as he saw it after Eleven. But...nope. Too much going around the same thing, with a predictability that I find boring. We will finish the season, and probably hold out hope for the new one that he will settle...but...not sure.

Scorpion - this is an utterly ludicrous show, which I found by accident with a trailer. But very entertaining at the same time. And hey, it has Robert Patrick! And a cool Asian mechanical engineering genius female character.

Forever - filling our Elementary hole at the moment. Lovely characters, though am already a little tired of the constant flashbacks to his previous life.

Perception - go to, solid entertainment.

Franklin and Bash - my go to light entertainment which I am assured only gets better in S4. Fabulous!

*drums fingers*

So, am assuming Castle and NCIS will be back in January as usual. Not sure where NCIS: New Orleans will turn up - but I am there just for the cast by the sound of it. Want to see if Selfie gets here because it's John Cho and Karen Gillan and I can go there just for that. Let me know if there's anything else to look out for:D Hope fandom is treating you well.

13th September 2014

2:37pm: *drums fingers*
How long until the Autumn shows get going? And more importantly arrive here??

In the absence of the usual suspects I have been watching Covert Affairs via DVD box set. I had considered it for a while under the grounds it had Christopher Gorham in it...how bad could it be? And then I remembered that sitcom with Stockard Channing and moved on. But I have to say so far am loving it. Decent storylines, not quite some of the clichéd characterisation I was expecting, and some nice recurring characters. My only complaint is that they need to get a decent chromatography technician in - seriously.

Also gave Chasing Shadows a go, under the grounds it had Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke in it. Much to my surprise I liked it! Someone elsewhere described it as a cross between Sherlock and Without A Trace, which is the vibe I was getting from it. Only 4 episodes this season - will be interesting if it gets picked up. And no need for shipping. I was literally only starting to wonder something and they gave it to me and a naked Noel Clarke. All very confusing to a minority shipper I have to tell you.

Franklin and Bash S3 - spent the last episode where Peter discovers his mother is working as a sex surrogate roaring with laughter. Not Boston Legal, but reminiscent, I think I will settle more in S4 - you know, once Damian's hair is sorted out.

Haven is back this week, which I am very excited by. Perception is also back, which I will be interested to see where they take that.

In the meantime I will continue to await the US migrations. Let me know if anything interesting turns up, and, you know, doesn't get cancelled... :P

26th August 2014

4:42pm: A fandom end, and a fandom beginning...
Nikita - I'm so glad they got to finish their story. Although I watched a lot of this tiny final season seeing the points when about 5 more episodes would have spun off, they managed to finish the story, and give most of the characters their happy endings. And, as J pointed off, left it open for any reunion movies in the future. :P And I didn't expect to be, but I found my eyes slightly watery at the end - must have been the hay fever...

Dr Who - I think we need a list:

Like Capaldi

Great one liners

Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax!

Still not sure about Clara

Didn't think the story was that strong - obviously a set up on a few levels so will try and be patient

Nice cameo :D

Yep, think that's about that.

In the absence of other shows I will now return to the shiny Sulu/Kirk worlds in my head, which seems to have included a visit to the 12th Precinct and the Castle team. Only in my brain...

5th August 2014

7:54pm: Writing quiz
Your Writing Strength is Imagination

You have an amazing mind, and the things you think up are extremely original.
You love to daydream, and your inner worlds can get quite complex. You see characters and stories very vividly.

You're the type of person who can write half a novel in your head. You aren't constrained by reality or expectations.
Anything you write will be unlike what has come before. Even if it's excellent, it may shock and confuse people at first.

Now if only I could get the muses back under control/awake...

3rd August 2014

6:49pm: Just finished Almost Human...
And needed to come to the one place I could do this...


How can that show have been cancelled?! I demand answers! I know it would tick a lot of my boxes - come on, futuristic cops, what more could I ask for??

Well, great acting, humour and quite clearly some serious arcs being set up.

But still!

I will buy DVDs if they come out and put it next to the Dresden Files to bring out, enjoy, and wonder again.

ION, have had a mini Trek fest - the space opera addiction needs to be fed occasionally - and part of that I watched the Star Trek Reboot 1 again. And I think it was probably better than I thought when I was traumatised by them picking on the Vulcans. Yes, I FFd through the first 10 mins or so, but once the main characters were starting to interact I found myself looking on it more kindly. And not just because of John Cho having more to do than I remember! :P

Otherwise fandom remains quiet. Only have Nikita at the moment. Waiting on everything for autumn now. Still looking for the new fandom obsession - I'm sure it will come but I still miss the enthusing and engaging that a new love brings. Never mind the writing!

Hope all is well with you and your fandoms.

24th June 2014

6:31pm: Am hyper excited that I am going to see Michael Palin on his Diary tour this Autumn.

Am also slightly shocked that I stumbled across half price tickets to see the Monty Python live show in July.

Not that I want to be demanding, but they'd better do Spanish Inquisition!

22nd June 2014

12:09pm: My vote for the most readable book of my year so far...
Is Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan - a modern fable about the power of books.

Before I pass it on to a friend to read I wanted to record the quote I loved the most:

Not really spoilerish but just in case...Collapse )

9th June 2014

7:45pm: Pinterest
I have caved to my Tumblr frustrations and vic_amy_z's persuasion and joined Pinterest as MerlinsSister - look out for the sunset icon.

I have so far discovered that, despite initial thoughts to the contrary, it has the potential for sucking my time away like no other for a while because all in one place I can have:

Bablyon 5 clips

West Wing quotes




John Cho in a white shirt


Cool black and white photography

Steampunk of all kinds

Book quotes

Book inspired items for the house

Did I mention John Cho in a white shirt??

I think you get the idea. More organised and easier to search than Tumblr, though newer posts still seem to be over there.

Anyhow, if you're over there, wave hello!

7th June 2014

6:23pm: This sort of photo...
Makes my Garibaldi/Ivanova love swell.

And keeps me convinced that JD and CC would be perfect for Commander Vimes and Lady Sybil if they ever got around to the City Watch stories in the Discworld adaptations...

And perhaps Walter Koenig could be Vetinari...

18th May 2014

6:15pm: Finally, the perfect Trek tshirt for me...
trek tshirt photo IMG_20140518_103918_edit_zpsc2f10908.jpg
Current Mood: excited

13th May 2014

8:36am: See, this is why I need to come over more often...
NCIS: New Orleans - Scott Bakula AND Zoe Mclellan!

Is it just me or are the crossovers already writing themselves??

4th May 2014

2:06pm: Is there possibly a wormhole to blame?
Because I can not believe it's been over two months since I popped in.

I've had a quick whizz through as far as the friends pages let me - it's been comforting to know fandom has been ticking along without me, though how I long for the excitement that is a new show, pairing or interest. Maybe one day. After all you never know what will hit you. :D

Am still enjoying shows, just not excited by them. NCIS has been the most impressive, despite my dismissing of it last time - I do genuinely feel like they have tried some different stories. And however much I loved Ziva her absence has allowed at least one circle to close. And Bishop is great, which helps.

Castle has been immensely enjoyable and then kinda 'Meh'. I am definitely openly leaning towards ensemble episodes, which they did do a series of early/mid season. And so pretty too. :P

Agents of Shield...I keep watching it, hoping to get completely hooked, but although I enjoy it, and there have been WTF moments, it still feels quite 'cardboardey'. It feels like ABC storytelling which they are trying to twist but not quite making it. I would be quite happy if they shot Skye and Ward off somewhere as well - do I look like I care? Bah. Sorry, you're probably getting the disappointment following this week's UK episode when all the Hydra reveal feels like it's about to get very predictable.

Grimm has possibly been the one show that has had me heading straight for the TV/recording, though I feel we are slightly at the 'treading water' stage of the season. But the individual stories have been fun, and the fact most people know now...love that. Wonder when Woo will be allowed to join in??

Am going to give Almost Human a go. J is very excited to see 24 is back. And am waiting on that new things to catch my attention. I don't suppose there will be any chance of TV space opera in the near future, though who knows what might happen if the new Star Wars movies are any good - Happy Star Wars day, BTW! :D

As for real life - can't report any momentum. Like the new fandom, maybe one day. In the mean time there is plenty of cooking, a minor obsession with herbs on the windowsill, and one day I will get the fish tank set up.

Hope you are all doing okay, whatever fandom and life is throwing at you. x

15th February 2014

10:09am: Nope...still don't know where the time went...
Jeepers. Have I been lost over Tumblr looking at the pretty since Xmas??

Because there has been a lot of pretty...Collapse )

So, what about real life?Collapse )

21st December 2013

9:26pm: Happy New Year!
Wow, has it been another year already? Where has it gone? Especially when it doesn't feel like much has been achieved or changed. But then quite a few people feel like that at the moment - universe thing or age thing? Who knows?!

I feel like the year coming something has to change, but whether I manage it I don't know. Maybe it will just be a change in attitude, but I don't want the same feeling of being stuck this time next year. Dammit, I am getting on the move!

For now though my thoughts turn to you all. I may not be here as often as once I was, but I still think of you all. I wish you all a year where you find some kindness, some love, some compassion and understanding. I hope you also have the occasional challenge that moves you forward, and the strength to enjoy life, whatever happens. *hugs and kisses*
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